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Today I Am A Muslim Too?

source: globalgrind.com

Today there was a rally in Times Square to support interfaith solidarity.

"Taking place in response to upcoming Congressional hearings led by Peter King (R-LI), rally-goers will stand together against bigotry caused by anxiety, misinformation, and ignorance, to show Congress a united American community which seeks to strengthen - not dilute - our bonds of friendship and trust." (www.globalgrind.com)

I understand their intent, but Russel Simmons tweeted something yesterday that got under my skin: "Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, Yogis---WE ARE ONE!"

As a Christian who follows Jesus, it is very offensive to put me in the same category as an atheist and non-believers. I respect people of different religions, but I am not one with them. Once again, I RESPECT them, but Simmons comment is taking it too far. I will never deny Jesus for the sake of peace. I will not stand up for hate and I definitely don't think Muslims should be targeted, etc. Is it necessary to influence people of different faiths (including Christians) to proclaim "Today I Am A Muslim Too"? For the sake of "peace" you denounce your religion for one day? Absolutely not. 

As we approach LENT season I am reminded of what Jesus did on the cross. This is not him, but the movie Passion Of The Christ did a pretty good job...

source: listal.com

That image says enough. What do you guys think? Are they taking it too far?


  1. do i think he was misinformed? yes. but coming from russell simmons, i'm not surprised. (sn:i find it interesting that he lists yoga as if that's a separate religion when people argue that it's not one. & most hindus feel it's central to their faith.)

    if by "one" he means all sinful human beings in need of a Savior, i'd agree. otherwise, i'm inclined to pass on this one. i'm not a muslim today, tomorrow, or next week. to live is Christ. but i do feel that people of every faith should be treated with respect & not harassed and abused.

  2. No one said denounce your religion to be one with humanity. You don't have to claim another savior or culture to understand that we are ALL GOD. He didn't just create Christians. Jesus wasn't even a Christian..he was a jew. Your religion doesn't make you a better person and that kind of pride doesn't uplift God in anyway.

  3. And by the way, if you study Revelations, you'll eventually come across the passages where the word of God specifically says the world will be reconciled according to His will. Everything came from God and everything will return back to Christ (John 1:1-14 & Ephesians 1:9-10) All things are created by God, exist for God (whether they realize it or now) and held together in God. How dare you say that you can't unite in peace just because of different beliefs? How can you ever minister to anyone with such narrow views of THE omnipotent God?

  4. I can understand your being uncomfortable using that as if it were a proclamation. I think it's meant more as a figurative statement and to confirm a general sentiment, that we are all a part of humanity and should be treated equally.

  5. No one is telling you to deny your religion so loosen up! Some if the few whites who used to march alongside blacks in the civil rights movement weren't denying their race but just showing support.

    I'm a Muslim and an avid reader of your blog and I respect that you're very passionate about your religion as I am too but, that's not to say that you can be arrogant with your 'holier than thou' attitude. Muslims too believe in Christ and I cried my eyes out watching Passion of the Christ because he's a CERY important prophet in Islam and it hurt me to see what Christ went through.

    I reckon you think you're totally different to Muslims but you're not, Muslims and blacks are discriminated against but in a time where blacks are given more rights than ever before, why not understand that you know what Muslims are going through and support them? No one told you to deny your religion, it's jut to help and say NO to Islamaphobia!

  6. Muslims believe in Christ Jesus, so I wouldn't mind saying "Today I Am Muslim", I don't feel like I was denying my religion. I think if every religion & culture can come together & show love, mountians can be moved. I think that was the point he was trying to make. Even if someone doesnt believe in God, we are in fact ONE. We are all Gods children :-)

  7. i'll start by saying that christianity is a very offensive faith. the Gospel is offensive: mankind is born wicked, incapable of meeting God's perfect standard & in need of a Savior. & a just God demanded the wages of sin: death. Jesus paid them. none of us can ever repay Him.

    muslims do not believe that Jesus Christ is God. Christians do. He was not merely a prophet. He says Himself: "I am [that I am]"

    and while we were all created by God, that does not make us all His children. that title is only afforded to those who confess Christ as savior. that's what makes Him "the Christ."

    as for the above comment, God reconciled all things in the world to Him through the Christ. those who don't repent & trust in Him for salvation are not reconciled.

    & for the record, i am not self righteous. i am only counted righteous because of Jesus.

  8. correction: we ARE all his children because he created us. Other religions say Christ too in a different language and that's what "Christians" fail to understand. Christ was not Jesus' last name. it was his label. Christ in Greek is Christos meaning the annointed one. Krishna in Greek is Christos in Bengali Kristo, Spanish for Christ, symbolic of the Annointed and Divine nature. Allah is arabic for God. Christ in itself is way bigger than religion.

    Now. A lot of Christians are only Christians based on what they've learned in church, never wanting to dig deeper and acknowledge God as a bigger element. Jesus the man is literal. He is NOT God. He is the son of God that came to be the full expression of God. (Luke 2:40 in reference to Jesus: And the Child grew and became strong in SPIRIT, filled with wisdom and the Grace of God was upon Him) Jesus the Christ is spiritual. Culture, Religion, and familiarity keep us from the Christ. He is revealed through revelation, not religion. and by the way Jesus was a Jew...so was he not a child of God just because of that religious title?

    Be careful how you percieve God. I'm not saying you are wrong. I love Jesus and God with all my heart. But when you are using "is" as in facts, take a look at the entire Bible, rather than picking out the stuff you like, and where the religion itself came from before you make such absolute statements.

  9. Touchy subject, sis! I admire your passion and conviction about your faith.

    God is Love. We will never all agree on religion or practice. But any religion that cites Love as its foundation and its purpose, is one that I'm willing to unify with for the greater good of mankind. My personal relationship with God can never be tainted or compromised by any endeavor I might make to peacefully connect with others.

  10. you put it beautifully, as for me, I will not compromise my faith for the sake of peace. This world is in turmoil and it will be until God returns. The problem with everyone being one is that there is no 'Unity' between Believers of Christ and Non-Believers. It is impossible, after all how can light and darkness agree? (2 Cor. 6: 14)

    You've inspired me
    *Goes off to write blog post* haha

  11. i must share here that, really really Islam is a great true religion from God and the last one religion... Muhammad Was the last prophet, he (PBUH), Tried a lot for the people of makkah to take them on right path, and after 23, years endeavors he proved, and succeeded in it.. so if we thing, how much effort have done by our prophet Muhammad(PBUH), we must have to follow Islam with strong belief, and should have to try for others to bring them on the right path. so the they spend their life according to Islam and Quran.

  12. I totally agree with Russell Simmons statement.. we are all one, we are the human race. The problem is, religion is divisive and against humanity. I

    The most annoying thing is, there is no evidence for any of your beliefs whether you're a Christian, Muslim or a Jew.

    And I have a question about this comment:

    "As a Christian who follows Jesus, it is very offensive to put me in the same category as an atheist and non-believers"

    Why is it offensive.. are you better than atheists and non believers? Please expand.